Bubble Insulation

Bubble Insulation Sheets for excellent insulation

Bubble Insulation essentially contains a layer of air bubbles between two sheets of reflective or non-reflective material. It is used in a variety of industrial and household applications. The air locked in the bubbles acts as the primary insulation layer. The efficiency can be enhanced further by increasing non-conducting property of the coating. A variety of bubble insulation products are available in the market, and bubble insulation suppliers suggest the appropriate one after understanding user requirement.

Three variants of bubble insulation

Typically, there are three types of double bubble insulation sheets available at bubble insulation suppliers. The two layers of bubbles double the airspace resulting in improved efficiency. Since air is a bad conductor of heat, heat transfer takes more time.

  • High reflection foil: In this insulation sheet, there is a Polyethene layer at one side which may or may not be UV resistant. The opposite side has foil and a double bubble insulation sheet in the middle. Due to reflective coating and two layers, this sheet offers a great insulation. It is almost 100 percent non-permeable for vapors. It has the fire rating “A”. This sheet is a barrier for pests, termites, and moisture.
  • Double sided foil coating:In this variety, the double bubble layer is coated with radiant barrier foils of aluminum both sides. It is widely used in a variety of applications because it is easy to use and quite lightweight. Both reflective coatings reflect 99% of the heat, and the two bubble layers offer fantastic insulation. Interestingly, this sheet offers excellent insulation against heat and cold. The double radiant coating it prevents heat transfer in both directions.
  • One side foil and one side Polyurethane coating: In this sheet, there is a reflective layer at one side and a white PUF sheet coating at the other. White poly surface offers good protection against water penetration and it is easy to clean. Hence, it is ideal for surfaces that are exposed to water. However, heat reflection is possible from one side only making it a one-sided insulator.
Proper installation is the key to success

According to insulation experts, output of the sheet depends on not only the quality of the insulation material but on the installation process also. Typically, there has to be a three-fourth of an inch spacer at the two feet distance for an optimal performance. When the airspace is uniformly maintained along the reflective side, good results can be experienced. Typically, a 4-inch uniform air space brings phenomenal results. A slight change of the angle of the air space can downgrade the performance. Foil insulation without proper air space isn’t a wise decision at all. The foil insulation receives the bad name because of poor results. Even if you buy it from the best bubble insulation suppliers, the best results can be obtained if it is installed well. Good quality double bubble insulation sheets are available at the leading bubble insulation suppliers. Whether you buy it online or at the conventional brick-and-mortar shop, always pick the most suitable material for good results.

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