Lexan Polycarbonate

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet is a very transparent product which comes with the UV protection system on both the ends, that is perfect for maintaining or balancing the climatic conditions. This sheet consists of a double hard-coated surface, which gives high strength and is suitable for all climatic conditions.Wherein, our company called Sriramanaenterprises, has been involved in developing such high performance sheets that gives better clarity and strength. And such type of standard grade sheets can be easily drilled and are designed into several complicated shapes with equal thickness; then, cut down in to the required sizes as well. These polycarbonate sheets can be fixed using different types of materials.

Temperature Maintenance and Economical Protection

The sheets that we manufacture have a great strength and are good at providing transparency, along with the temperature resistance. Wherein, the stability of the each dimension has raised the temperatures, and all these Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet India are used for different purposes, as per the specification of our clients.Such kind of Sheets can be used instead of the glass, which best suits for making any home projects or crafts (do it yourself) as well as for any other commercial purposes. While, the clear sheet allows the light to pass with ease through its easy transmission power, and gives the feel of the glass (transparent). These sheets are always well-coated to protect them against any harmful rays. Wherein, these types of Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet India are used for many domestic and commercial applications.


One of the great benefits of these sheets includes passing of the light, and at the same time blocking the harmful such rays to enter inside the roof. Another excellent feature of this sheet is that, it is very thin and lightweight which can be cut using small hand tools. Also, it is found to be comfortable to hold; and even the installation of these sheets can be done with ease.Wherein, these Polycarbonate Sheets manufactured by Sriramanaenterprises, are very strong, and comes with 6-Pack, along with a very clear surface. Wherein, these impact-resistant sheets operate really better for the window door replacement. While, these Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets are cut using the normal tools; while, it also contains a coating (UV) to get protected from the harmful rays.

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