Polyurethane PUF Panel

Superior cold storage made from Polyurethane Insulated PUF panel bring higher energy efficiency

Construction of modern cold rooms can’t be imagined without using high-quality and efficient PUF insulated panels. They offer great performance, enhanced cooling efficiency and a great cost-saving in a long run. There is a huge demand for good quality panels and their accessories in a variety of industrial and household usage. Pre-fabricated panels are made by quality manufacturers. They follow stringent international quality norms so that users get superior products in a reasonable price range.Polyurethane PUF panel suppliers supply excellent quality panels to make the cold storage leak-proof, airtight and energy efficient.
Not only conventional plastic finish, but they are available in a plethora of designs and patterns. In metal-coated sheets, there are aluminum, steel, pre-painted steel, GI coating, stainless steel and many other options to select from. The panels are available in several dimensions and the modular structure with a tongue-and-groove design makes them suitable for all applications. They can be easily assembled and dismantled at the construction site without the need of skilled human resources. Readymade panels of different dimensions are available for corners, T-sealing, floors or walls with windows to make the construction quick and smart.

Applications of PUF panels

PUF or Polyurethane Foam is a multi-purpose durable component that is better than the competitive products. When a chemical reaction happens between two components Methyl Diphenyl-Di-Isocyanate and Polyl, a foamy component is formed. It has tiny capsule like structure filled with air. Studies indicate that PUF is quite strong and versatile than other material. It doesn’t break or crack easily and maintains its shape and texture forever. These qualities make it an ideal substance for a variety of household, industrial and commercial products. Since it is a moldable material, panels and blocks of various sizes and shapes can be made.
When PUF is combined with additive material, the strength and flexibility enhances. It acquires further properties like chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility, and additional strength. It is called fortified PUF which is ideal for applications that need higher weather resistance and toughness.
Nowadays, PUF is being used as a construction material for low-cost housing. It is a low-cost and low-maintenance material. Due to less conductivity of heat, it is an ideal material for refrigeration, cold storage, warehouses, etc. Always buy PUF panels from reliable Polyurethane PUF panel suppliers to ensure better installation quality, low risk of water or air leakage and the superior quality insulation.

Why do engineers recommend PUF panels?

There are multiple benefits that make it an ideal building material.

  • Better heat insulation
  • Excellent resistance to water and vapor permeability
  • Easy to install and use
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Strength and load bearing capacity
  • Flexible designs and patterns
  • Versatility
  • Fully sealed joints
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Today, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, food processing units, horticulture and biotechnology, and manufacturing units prefer ready-to-use PUF panels for low-cost, long-lasting service. Asking quotations from several Polyurethane PUF panel suppliers ensures that you get an attractive price discount and a good service.

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