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Reflective Insulation Suppliers Hyderabad, vijayawada, vizag, guntur as there is an increase in the Infrared radiation worldwide due to environmental issues and pollution, there is a need for preventive measures to deal with the issue. Heavy bombarding of Ultraviolet and Infrared rays cause a great damage to the external surfaces of buildings and vehicles. There has been a lot of research in this field during the last decade. A few materials have been found immensely capable of reflecting Infrared radiation up to a large extent. Margard solid sheet is one of them. It is a plastic sheet (made from polycarbonate material) with a hard coating on the outer side. Researchers confirm that the sheet is highly capable of absorbing IR radiation between the wavelengths of 700 to 1000 nm. Hence, it is useful for coating public utility vehicles, super specialty vehicles, food transportation vehicles and a variety of other applications. Margard solid sheet suppliers offer a variety of sheets for multiple usage.

Why is reflective insulation a preferred choice?

When the outer surface of the vehicles is covered with Margard sheet, there is a big saving on energy consumption. As a result, the internal ambiance remains cool in the sizzling hot summers and cozy during chilling winters. It is the modern-age smart way of saving energy and reducing carbon footprint. Users acclaim it for superb performance and find them an effective solution for making the organization GREEN.The sheets are available in several gauges for different applications. The default color is the standard green tint, but it is possible to produce custom colored sheets as well. There is a marginal increase in the cost though.

A few qualities make it distinct from others:
  • It brings excellent thermal protection.
  • It brings energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint.
  • It is lightweight, handy and easy to install.
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • Reflective insulation is safe and non-toxic.
  • Highly cost-effective and versatile.
  • Can be used in commercial and household installations.
  • It has been found effective in food carrier vehicles.
Why do experts recommend it for insulated premises also?

Experts suggest that even if a building is insulated using a radiant barrier, installing reflective insulation is always a good idea. Since it reflects a part of heat and doesn’t prevent the rest from conducting through walls, over a period, there is a rise in the internal temperature. In the winters, a large percentage of the heat gets transferred to the environment through ceiling. Hence, combining reflective insulation with other variants is a better idea. Areas that need improved thermal protection like water heaters, front doors in an air-conditioned premises, and attic should be covered by reflective insulation. Call reflective insulation suppliers to assess the exact requirement. They give an estimate after looking at the premises. Costs vary depending on factors like area of coverage, exposure to heat, and quality of construction, etc.

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