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As a renowned trader, supplier, dealer, and distributor of cutting-edge Roof ventilator in Chennai , Cochin, Vizag, Vijayawada, Hyderbad and Guntur we have appreciated hugely by the clients. The roofing ventilator that we supply is well-known for its superior quality and durability. This ventilator which is popularly known sold under the brand name of Starvent have been manufactured using most recent technology and available in cost-effective price.


Aluminum Ventilator

We are heading Roof Ventilator Supplier, broker, merchant & merchant of India majorly. It is amazingly famous in various commercial ventures on account of its high caliber. This ventilator is produced utilizing high review crude materials, we guarantee that our aluminum ventilator won't hint at wear and tear or rust after long times of time. Moreover, we are the pioneering Roof Ventilator Supplier in Chennai and different parts of south India.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Ventilator

We are heading Roof Ventilator Supplier, broker, wholesaler & merchant in India majorly. Being the vital Roof Ventilator Supplier in Chennai we additionally supply rest of the south India. Accessible at industry heading costs, our fantastic reach of stainless steel ventilators are known for its excellent stainless steel and crude materials acquired from legitimate sources. It shows high imperviousness to consumption and the strengths of nature to make an amazing item.

Roof Ventilator
FCP Coating

Roof Ventilator FCP Coating

We are heading supplier, dealer, merchant & merchant of top ventilator fcp covering in chennai, Tamilnadu & south India majorly. Top Ventilator FCP Coating may spot the ventilator by inward hold of base glimmering or faultless round mold. The perfect establishment position of a ventilator is a near the edge as could be expected under the circumstances. At the point when spotting, drop the build blazing with respect to the top and make the upward slanted edge of base glimmering embed the hole underneath the metal glimmering of the edge 10cm or something like that.

Cutting the opening

Taking the internal opening of base glimmering as mold, draw up the diagram of the opening, then cut the opening with cutting machine, repair and polish the bleeding edge. Slice the warm cotton as stated by the shape with and staff warm cotton and aluminum thwart between the steel plate and warm cotton.

Glue the waterproofing bond tape and apply waterproofing silicon paste

Glue the waterproofing tape on the conjunction of the base blazing and the top spread plate on the edge. Glue the waterproofing paste tape on the highest point of wave peak with complete sides and apply the waterproofing silicon stick between froth and shade steel plate then tear the paper skin of the paste tape.

Fix the base glimmering

Fix the build blazing with respect to the top with no less than 10 settling screws or bolts (gave by clients).

Introduce the vari pitch

Lay the vari pitch on the base glimmering and spin the mobile some piece of vari pitch. In the mean time change the entire position of the vari pitch and base glimmering to make the highest point of the vari pitch even. Modify the point at 90° in the same heading by gradienter. After change, draw the imprint on the up-down versatile parts of the vari pitch and between the vari pitch and base glimmering with shade pen.

Settling the vari pitch

Fix the vari pitch onto the base blazing with no less than 4 altering screws. Repair together two down mobile parts of the vari pitch with 4 bits of metal cut and 8 aluminum bolts. Throughout operations, please verify level the previous mark.

Applying paste in internal parts

Apply the waterproofing silicon stick equally with fingers on the up-down portable parts of the vari pitch conjunction parts between the vari pitch and the base glimmering and around all screws. Mind! Taking the ring focus as the paradigm, at the position of 60�� edge over the edge, don't matter any paste in the conjunction put between the vari pitch and the base glimmering. This points at making condensate water of air dribbling along the internal divider and fumes out of the top.

Fix the turbine leaders of the vari pitch

Get for supporting arms of the turbine head stuck in the held openings of the vari pitch. Verify the held gaps of supporting arms accord with four saved parts of the vari pitch (may utilize screwdriver to level) then alter the turbine head into vari pitch with four screws.

Check and change

Check all screws or bolts whether solidified or not. Verify the turbine head rotating easily, Sometimes turbine head is expelled to misshape in transportation or establishment process, you may make slight change with hands. Ultimately apply waterproofing silicon around the meander and base glimmering

Fluorine Carbon
Aluminum Ventilator

Fluorine Carbon Aluminum Ventilator

We are heading supplier, dealer, wholesaler & merchant of fluorine carbon aluminum ventilator in Chennai, Tamilnadu & south India majorly. Leveraging on our prevalent assembling office and knowledge of our group of masters, we give an extensive variety of fluorine carbon aluminum ventilator. These are made utilizing first class aluminum and are known for their long life and gainfulness.

Silicon sealant

Self Taping Screws

Colour Coated & Bare Galvalume


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