Sandwich Panels


Sandwich Panels

In the modern days, people demand lightweight, energy efficient and fireproof building material that does not compromise on style and elegance. Old-fashioned brick and mortar construction material is not only costly, but cumbersome and impractical. Sri Ramana Enterprises is the leading Sandwich Panels suppliers located in chennai, cochin, vizag, vijayawada, hyderbad, guntur with low cost, and eye-catching panels. Whether you go for prefabricated ones or get them made by order, good quality is always ensured.
They are called sandwich panels because it contains two layers of metal on the both sides of a polyurethane sheet like a sandwich. The covering layers can be iron, stainless steel or aluminum. The fire-resistant versions have an additional layer or fireproof wool or asbestos. These panels are available in fascinating colors and designs to make the interior or exterior stunningly beautiful. Painting is not needed on the colored sheet. Hence, they are cost-effective.
Today most of the offices, commercial establishments, and residential construction use sandwich panels. It saves cost and construction efforts. Also, it adds a great aesthetic value to the building.Sandwich panels suppliersoffer a plethora of options to users to choose from. Costing depends on the variety of sheets chosen, but even the most expensive one also economical as compared to conventional construction material.

It is much durable and sturdy than people think

Some people are skeptical about modern-age things. Hence, they doubt on the sustainability and strength of these panels. However, in a recent construction expo, miniature houses made from sandwich panels were displayed. Visitors tested the sturdiness of these models and compared them with conventional houses. To their astonishment, they were at par with the traditional material. For heavy usage, there are varieties of high-density polyurethane sheets sandwiched in high-strength aluminum or steel panels. They are perfect for roofs, external walls, and industries or warehousing.

Rust-free panels with a reduced carbon footprint

Since aluminum is corrosion resistant material, there is no fear of rusting and decay even if they are used for exterior walls. Due to low maintenance cost, it is a feasible material in the long run. Most importantly, these panels are 100% recyclable and environment-friendly.
In a country like India where temperatures are always high, these panels can save considerably on the interior cooling cost. Studies have found that there is at least 5 degrees difference in the ambiance temperature of a house constructed from sandwich panel sheet.
Sandwich panels suppliers offer panels at competitive rates, making them further feasible for construction purpose. With the advancement in technology, the panels are available in stunningly beautiful colors, designs, and patterns.

Where to order from?

Good quality sandwich panels are available in all large and medium cities and towns. It is possible to find out the nearest sandwich panels suppliers on the Internet. It is possible to inquire about the variety on the website. However, users need to visit the conventional retail stores personally for booking the order. The increasing popularity makes the panels further improved and also there is a drop in the prices. It is a smart way of constructing buildings!.

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